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Recruitment services in Georgia

Private business development and expansion require much time and efforts of the company’s management and staff. Therefore, it is imperative to find qualified specialists who are able to do all routine tasks related to preparation of job description for open vacancies and applications screening accurately and on time.

Recruitment and related services constantly monitor demand for and supply of applicants with relevant education and experience.

The company staff always do the following:

  • review resume and CV of applicants to open vacancies as well as search various databases and the Internet for the needed data;
  • file applications and appoint interviews with the short-listed applicants;
  • hold selection or attestation interviews;
  • prepare clear list of applicants that have the most relevant professional qualifications and personal skills for the available vacancy.

Professional recruitment is especially important for the vacant management positions as the management decisions mostly determine overall successful performance of the company.

Professional benefits and responsibilities of FChain recruitment process

Well-established coordination and work experience of professionals help the client companies focus on their priority issues while being confident that FChain provides top level recruitment services and ensures the best results. Other benefits of this choice include:

access to exclusive databases that are not always open to ordinary users;

preparedness and skills of specialists to develop clear vacancy requirements for applicants as well as ability to find the best available candidates;

ensure together with the customer employer absolute confidentiality of the used client company’s information;

ability to maintain relations with all market players even after filling the vacancy.

The latter is the most important point with regard to ensuring long term, mutually beneficial and effective relations among all stakeholders. Use of FChain recruitment services saves efforts, time and money that the client company would otherwise need to spend for these tasks.

Overview of priority recruitment services of FChain

Thorough search of specialists for the vacancy available at the client company is not the only function. FChain recruitment services also include:

  • development of clear personal profile and description of professional qualifications required from the potential employee;
  • timely advice to the management about the changing labor market situation as well as on learning and development opportunities for the current staff;
  • adequate assessment of demand for vacancies and salaries available at the specific employment segment;
  • work contacts and access to databases, networks and information about available specialists and their qualifications in the needed area;
  • analysis and study of resume and CV of the applicants, verification of their relevance to the vacancy requirements;
  • development of psychological and attestation tests for applicants;
  • thorough verification of the provided references with the subsequent conclusion on the relevance of the potential employee’s characteristics to the vacancy requirements.

Only after all these procedures a meeting between the potential employee and the interested employer can be appointed. The meeting can be held in the presentation or negotiations format between the parties.


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