IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards)

Financial statements reflecting actual financial situation are vitally important for the management of the enterprises when making important business decisions that may affect future of the company. The high quality of information provided in the statement allows comparing the activity of several accounting reference periods according to the chosen standards. Very often the companies choose IFRS. Unfortunately, not all experienced accountants are able to prepare a financial statement according to IFRS.

The employees of our company are there to help you to fix the problem. The preparation of financial statements according to IFRS (International Financial Reporting Standards) is a very difficult and time-consuming process, but by choosing the services of our company at reasonable price, managers of the companies can be confident in good results.

Financial statement according to IFRS

The preparation of IFRS financial statement starts with the analysis of differences revealed in accounting policy of the company and preparation of basic financial statements (in unified and standardized form for consolidated companies). Thereafter, control procedures allowing consolidating data will be worked out and implemented at your enterprise. It is also possible automate some stages of financial statement preparation process. Automation allows getting more precise operational information for financial statement. The client chooses on hisher own the method of accounting (parallel or the method of transformation).

If the abovementioned procedures have already been adopted in your enterprise, the IFRS balance sheet needs to be audited for its correspondence to standards. Our employees are able to conduct an audit according to IFRS for enterprises of different organizational and legal forms in Azerbaijan. Afterwards management of the enterprise will receive a report with the results of the audit and correction actions recommendations for accounting.

For getting more information about financial statement transformation you can get consulted by the employees of our company (find telephone numbers at our website). High level expertise, flexible pricing structure and personalized approach are main principles of the work at FChain.

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