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Outsoursing and outstaffing in Georgia

This kind of legal relationship is practically out of legislation control but is quite effective and common among business entities. Outsourcing and outstaffing in Tbilisi are popular as it help to optimize expenses and accounting of an enterprise. However, outsourcing and outstaffing are effective if constantly counseled by lawyer.

And our company is always there to assist. Highly-skilled practicing lawyers are independent outsorcers who will take up ancillary functions that are still important for a good operation of the company while owners of the company can concentrate on core business goals. Individual approach and flexible pricing policy are indisputable benefits that we can offer to you.

How useful is outstaffing service for the enterprise?

Outstaffing – is another business service, which aims to increase the financial image of the enterprise, due to the removal of additional workload with its own accounting and personnel department. In other words – this is a formal removal of personnel out of staff of the enterprise and transfer the authorities of HR-management to the third parties.

Outstaffing objectives:

  • reduction of administrative costs and financial risks of the company;
  • improving the image of the company’s financial institution;
  • assistance in concentration on core business priorities and processes through indirect management.

We offer a full range of business services for implementing a stable, reliable and safe operation of your company.

Outsourcing firm Financial Chain Corporation – a team of professionals and international company with thirteen years of experience in the market of services provided. We work both in Europe and the Middle East.

Cooperation with our company with no doubts will be adventurous for you as we can cater to any client, take into account the interests of the company owners, employ highly professional legal insiders and guarantee confidentiality. Contact us by the telephone number stated on our website and make sure it on yourself!


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