Outsourcing and outstaffing

The role of consulting outsourcing in the modern Georgian business

Comprehensive (financial and legal) outsourcing has taken a considerable market share of business services in Georgia. Outsourcing today – it is a convenient and inexpensive way to solve the financial and legal issues of private enterprise, holding company, large commercial firm or an international organization. An integrated approach to the management issues of the company will significantly reduce the cost of the enterprise doing small or medium businesses.

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Find a reliable solution in the chaos of the external and internal accounting for every company – is no simple task. Transferring accounting matters for outsourcing – this is a significant benefit to entrepreneurs in many aspects of activities, as well as effective optimization strategy, the purpose of which – is the preservation of the integrity and orderliness of of the enterprise management issues.

The advantages of accounting outsourcing are:

  • reduction of costs for the organization and maintenance of accounting;
  • high quality of outsourcing services in combination with the professionalism of outside organization employees;
  • Time and costs saving, which will not have to spend on administrative issues, preparation and submission of accounting reports.

Due to constant changes in legislation, the financial administration needs competent legal support. Here comes to the aid of legal support of the company.

Tasks that can be solved by using legal outsourcing:

  • registration, choice of organizational and legal forms of activity and the taxation system of the organization;
  • preparation of all kinds of necessary documentation;
  • changes in the founding documents of the company;
  • registration, reorganization, liquidation of the enterprise;
  • production of seals, cash-handling equipment registration;
  • working with banks, funds and regulatory agencies;
  • obtaining of statistical codes and their extension, if necessary.

How useful is outstaffing service for the enterprise?

Outstaffing – is another business service, which aims to increase the financial image of the enterprise, due to the removal of additional workload with its own accounting and personnel department. In other words – this is a formal removal of personnel out of staff of the enterprise and transfer the authorities of HR-management to the third parties.

Outstaffing objectives:

  • reduction of administrative costs and financial risks of the company;
  • improving the image of the company’s financial institution;
  • assistance in concentration on core business priorities and processes through indirect management.

We offer a full range of business services for implementing a stable, reliable and safe operation of your company.

Outsourcing firm Financial Chain Corporation – a team of professionals and international company with thirteen years of experience in the market of services provided. We work both in Europe and the Middle East.

Our advantages in the field of outsourcing and outstaffing

Turning to the FChain for help, you can count on professional outsourcing services of the best lawyers and financiers in Georgia. FChain provide outsourcing and outstaffing as in Tbilisi, so and outside the capital of Georgia.

Our extensive qualified staff and wide experience of complex projects will help to introduce beneficial outstaffing services technology in your enterprise. Our personell are experts in their field, as FChain for more than 13 years is working with the largest business sectors in several countries. Our major customers belong to the following business branches:

  • Information technologies;
  • construction;
  • insurance;
  • hotel and restaurant business;
  • the pharmaceutical industry;
  • instrument-manufacturing and many other industries.

We are ready to fully support your business at all stages of its development.

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