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Company liquidation in Georgia

Liquidation of legal entity is responsible and important step in the end of the business. Regardless of the reasons, this is a rather lengthy process that has a large number of legal and tax nuances.

The founders, depending on a variety of circumstances, may decide to liquidate the company. The reasons can be very different: the end of the project, unprofitability, achievement of goals, loss of interest of the founders in doing business, termination of funding, and many others.

In most cases, you can’t avoid the help of lawyers in the preparation of documents for the liquidation of the company.

With this problem, you can always reach a company that has proven itself in the legal services market – Financial Chain Corporation. As a legal advisory service provider in its second decade, FCHAIN’s professionals have gained considerable experience in the areas of corporate, tax and financial law – precisely in the areas that are involved in the liquidation of a legal entity.

In strict accordance with the current legislation of Georgia, our specialists will carry out all the necessary liquidation measures in a timely manner, represent your interests in state bodies.

Providing a wide range of legal services for businesses in Georgia, FCHAIN considers maintaining a high reputation among its clients as its main priority.


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