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Accounting Services in Georgia

International Company “Financial Chain Corporation” provides a top-quality accounting services in Tbilisi and the other cities of Georgia. High level of professionalism and individual approach make us a  reliable and profitable partner for you. Our company is ready to solve the  problems for you of any complexity in the most profitable way.

FСHAIN guarantees the  excellent quality of work and minimization of costs by undertaking all kind  complex and routine obligations in the field of accounting. Thanks to us you will avoid the accounting errors, which are full of  fines and the  other unpleasant phenomena due to incorrect accounting.

Comprehensive accounting service made by  Financial Chain Corporation includes as follows:

  • After careful reviewing of all the  elements of your business, we will select the most appropriate and optimal method of accounting;
  • Selection of a suitable accounting system;
  • Creation of effective system of data and document exchange between accounting sectors;
  • The competent preparation of accounting documents;
  • Accounting software;
  • Primary accounting;
  • Processing of bank documentation;
  • Working with tax administration and state departments. Timely preparation/submission of declarations and statements in accordance with the requirements of the current Legislation of Georgia.
  • Statistical documentation (preparation and submission).
  • Professional comprehensive advice on matters of any complexity from highly qualified competent lawyers and accountants.

Accounting outsourcing with FCHAIN will provide your business with stability and highly qualified accounting and financial management, which is  the foundation of  successful  business.


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