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Remote accountant for Georgian companies

Today, almost every entrepreneur, which is more or less familiar with modern technology of business automation would not be surprised by the term “outsourcing”. Literally, the term “outsourcer” means “an employee beyond the state” or a freelancer. In the last century, the position of “freelancer” firmly associated with the profession of reporter of the newspaper, magazine, radio or TV channel.

In the age of computer technology, all major companies of the IT industry began to work under the scheme of outsourcing.

With the proliferation and widespread implementation of accounting software, accounting outsourcing came into demand. Georgia has not stand aside from this process, since the country intensively develops an integration of automated accounting systems in practice through the active use of IT systems as the primary tool in reporting.

In the segment of provided outsourcing services, our company – is no newcomer. For 16 years of our existence were realized dozens of projects and implemented a variety of automated accounting systems. By its status FChain is an international company, whose asset counts more than fifty regular clients, including companies with a major trade turnover in Europe and the Middle East.

A well-deserved reputation and a team of accountants, auditors and lawyers, certified according to international standards, leaves no doubt that we provide very high quality report preparation for companies of Georgia, seeking to save on administrative costs and to arrange management of the enterprise in general.

Customer’s economic benefits of accounting outsourcing

The vast majority of reports that prepares our company are versatile and consistent with IFRS. Weightiness of such financial instruments, such as:

  • balance sheet;
  • business plan for a loan, the investor, or shareholder;
  • information on the calculation of the tax;
  • calculations of profitability and cost (product, goods and services).

adds the expert opinion of an independent FChain auditor with confirmation of objective information.

We are always ready to provide such services in remote access. Using complex “report preparation” of our company, the customers can reduce their own administrative costs for payroll, maintenance, and training of personnel in several times. Cost reduction is due to the reduction of the accounting and finance department staff, as well as by avoiding investments in personnel training and job creation.

When using the outsourcing internal economy at the enterprise also contributes a significant minimization of tax payments and contributions to social funds regular staff. You should not ignore the fact that outsourcing allows businesses to find a qualified employee without a long search and overpayments of salaries – freelance experts already have significant experience and qualification, the certificates and a portfolio of clients.

Therefore, if your company has problems in the document flow or gaps in accounting and inconsistencies in the financial statements – FChain experts will fully restore the records as soon as possible, in full accordance with the requirements and regulations of the Georgian tax and financial controlling authorities. Also, we will organize the labor system, which will help to draft and submit the reports in time, with the subsequent service from our best specialists.

A timely and competent solution of all problems in the company’s accounting

In addition to audit, preparation of business plans and tax consulting, our company offers full accounting maintenance by the contract to provide the accounting services to companies of all ownership forms in Georgia. Our experience allows us to work with businesses in all sectors, without exception.

Financial assistance in regular reporting, which being made by FChain experts, involves cooperation, in which the executive consultant fully guarantees the customer a comprehensive accounting service in accordance with all local regulations. For regular customers of our company is guaranteed a flexible pricing without compromising on quality in the preparation of accounting documents, as well as completing and filing the required financial reporting forms.

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