Accounting and tax consulting

In accordance with the requirements of constantly improved legislation, every enterprise registered with the state must maintain bookkeeping, tax and financial accounting, which involves the constant process of documenting business operations, their analysis, drafting and subsequent submission to appropriate reporting authorities. Enterprise executives, who are liable before the law, are primarily interested in proper bookkeeping.

It is hard for a staff accountant who primarily works in a particular area and whose activities are limited by specific operations to navigate in legislative changes. That is why accounting and tax consulting, provided by independent experts, is the necessity dictated by the market today. Our company has many years of successful experience in the field of outsourcing and consulting, therefore accounting consultation received by the management of an enterprise from highly qualified economists/lawyers is a powerful tool for minimizing accounting and tax risks. If you take into account financial benefit (the cost of consultations is much lower than maintaining staff accountants), the conclusion is obvious.

Tax consulting

Changes in legislation often relate to the scope of calculation and payment of taxes, while successful resolution of tax disputes is thanks to awareness of the peculiarities on how to maintain accounting documents. Our company offers highly qualified tax consulting in Azerbaijan, which are not only in the interpretation of legal norms, but also in the aspects of the activity of a particular company. The consultation of tax lawyers, the cost of which is determined individually, will help the managers and chief accountants to learn the latest data in the field of tax law. In order to apply to the “Tax consulting service” in Baku you should just contact us by the phone numbers listed on our website and make the order. Responses to any questions related to legal framework, interpretation of legal norms, their application in practice, the peculiarities of tax disputes with the controlling authority will be disclosed in details. You have an opportunity to use the consulting service on a permanent basis within as part of the agreement on outsourcing, or to receive a one-time consultation on specific issues. We guarantee highly qualified services for your business development, individual approach and reasonable prices for each customer.

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