Personnel records

    The base of any company is its personnel, it is the most valuable assert and potential of the company. But organizing personnel records is difficult task that requires time and efforts. Thanks to our wide experience and continuous self-development, our company is ready to offer you a wide range of services including personnel outsourcing. High quality services combined with reasonable prices are the key to your successful and flourishing business.

    Automation of personnel records management

    Personnel records management is complex actions aimed at conduction of human resources documentation according to the legal requirements.

    Keeping personnel records is an obligatory requirement for physical persons and juridical entities using employee labor. The specialists of our company will provide you with personnel records service on mutually beneficial terms both on regular or one-time basis that could include:

    • Opening and future keeping of all employee personal records;
    • Their archiving;
    • Checking the correspondence of the job names existing in the company to the Occupation Classification;
    • Drafting and changing of the staff schedule;
    • Keeping service records and time-sheets;
    • Execution of documentation related to dismissals, transfers and hiring.

    Upon client’s request the personnel records management can be automated as totally as possible. Dedicated accounting software allows managing company structure and keeping and analyzing employee’s personal information. Our experts will configure the software according to the needs of a particular enterprise. It sets personnel records management as processes of input, storage and processing of personnel data. The program that you can purchase at a reasonable price enables you working with both up-to-date and archival personnel data.

    Automated personnel records management saves businessmen a lot of time they can devote to achieving primary goals. And we are ready to offer you any service related to personnel records management. Our company can guarantee high professionalism, flexible prices and individual approach. Learn at first hand the benefits of working with us by calling at the telephone number stated on our website.

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