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Financial Chain Corporation has over 19 years of experience in accounting, tax, HR, payroll, law and outsourcing. At the moment, the company is represented by branches in 9 countries around the world.

By contacting FCHAIN, you will receive accounting services, HR and payroll, outstaffing of employees, tax advice, preparation of tax returns and other services at a high level of professionalism and ensuring the security and confidentiality of data. We will ensure the stability of your company, which will make your activities more efficient and help you compete, whether in the Georgian or foreign markets.

Through our international experience, we help our clients overcome language and cultural barriers, giving them a competitive edge and a leading position in the global marketplace. Therefore, they turn to us with confidence, which we justify with high quality and speed of work.

Those who have reached FCHAIN at least once, as a rule, become our regular customers. After all, with FCHAIN you are getting a reliable partner.

You can evaluate the effectiveness of outsourcing by the following criteria:

  • You will be engaged in the main activity of your business, without being distracted by secondary processes, such as accounting, taxes, payroll, legal consulting;
  • With us, you don’t have to keep track of new laws, directives and regulations. We will do this for you;
  • You will avoid unnecessary fines, thereby protecting yourself from financial risks. We will take these risks.
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