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Amendments to the legal documentation

Changes of this kind are subjects to obligatory state registration. To do so, you must carefully prepare the necessary documentation. Even small inaccuracies can lead to denial of registration the current changes. The process will have to start anew. Lost time and money, spent on the payment of state fees won’t be returned.

We will make new documents for you!

FCHAIN provides qualified services of legal maintenance for business in the Middle East and Europe more than 13 years. In order to take an advantage of assistance of certified professionals in the field of business consulting, you need only to fill a special electronic form on the Financial Chain Corporation website or contact with specialists by phone.

Professional lawyers from FCHAIN will prepare complete package of documents based on initial data about your enterprise, and shall give it to you, with detailed instructions for further actions.

Often, during the activities of enterprise or entity, it is necessary to make certain changes to existing statutory documents of the company. The reasons causing such changes could be different:

  • change of the general director;
  • change of registered office or location of the business, which may change even at the regional level;
  • change of the founders;
  • increase or decrease of the share capital.

How FCHAIN became the leader in legal outsourcing?

Today, in the world of business, to win and to survive in the competitive struggle you need to spend all the time and effort on the core business development. However, many proprietors, who faced with the officials and bureaucracy when dealing with business workflow, are begin to see their further perspective almost impossible.

During the corporate work there are many issues that are not directly related to the company or organization’s activities, but their resolution is inseparably associated with the successful management of income and expenses, and sometimes it’s simply necessary. These include:

  • registration and liquidation of the legal entity or SP clearance;
  • obtaining permits and licenses, related to company’s activities;
  • representation of client’s company interests in courts;
  • all accounting issues.

The best way to implement all the current issues would be appeal to our branch office, located in Tbilisi. Our numerous staff provides full-service legal outsourcing in Tbilisi and even outside Georgia.

Working with world-class customers, who entrust us not only their business, but also their reputation, let the FCHAIN grow and become a leading company in consulting sector. Our commitment and extensive experience in the field of consulting services allows FCHAIN to be one-step ahead of competitors. Lawyers, accountants and analysts of our company constantly improve their skills, earning a daily experience in the judicial and tax practice.

Legal support on behalf of FCHAIN accompanies the work of many foreign enterprises. We are always ready to provide comprehensive services and assist in the business dealing:

  • accounting services for any type of business;
  • registration and liquidation of companies in the shortest time;
  • representation of interests in the arbitration court;
  • with our help you can get any of the license;
  • we can help your company pass the certification according to international standards;

Trust the professionals, because the success of your business – the ultimate goal of FCHAIN! We will provide legal and accounting services of European quality in any form that convenient for you.


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