Cancellation of enterprises

Liquidation of legal entities in Georgia in the shortest time

Modern society is highly associated and quite social. Many people cannot imagine their life and activities outside the communication with other people, without association in communities, associations or groups.

Most people can’t imagine no opportunities of doing business without connecting personal efforts, intellectual abilities and finances with like-minded business partners, without establishing a legal entity.

However, just as the life of any living organism is not eternal, neither do bonds that initially united the business partners. The founders, depending on a wide variety of circumstances, can come to the idea of the legal entity liquidation. The reasons may be very different: the termination of the project, which was created as the base of enterprise; the unprofitability; the goals achievement; loss of interest to business by the founders; the termination of funding and many others.

As an occasion to the elimination of business can serve the critical errors in the conduction of the financial statements or the management system of the enterprise.

Official liquidation of LE, LLC and SP without debts and delays

Liquidation of a legal entity is a responsible and important step during the business cancellation. Regardless of the reasons – it is quite a long process, which has a large number of nuances of purely legal nature.

In most cases, it is impossible to do without the help of lawyers in the preparation of documents for cancellation process.

With this problem, you can always contact the company that have perfectly proved its potential on the legal services market in Europe and the Middle East – Financial Chain Corporation. Being a provider of legal consulting services for two decades, our team of experts have gained considerable experience in the fields of corporate, tax and financial law – in those areas that are involved in the liquidation of the legal entity.

The mechanism of a legal entity liquidation established in considerable detail in the Law of Georgia “About Entrepreneurs”. Articles 14 and 15 of the specified Law, involve two grounds for the elimination of LE: a liquidation by the founders (voluntary) – Art. 14, and liquidation by the court order (compulsory) – Article 15.

Liquidation process difficulties

Despite the extreme simplification of liquidation procedure, which bears now a notifying character, after sending an electronic notification about the initiation of the LE registration process in Georgia Revenue Service, follows a procedure that causes considerable difficulty among the unprepared individuals.

First of all, this situation is related to the abundance of documentation that should be prepared and distributed to interested parties – creditors and debtors of liquidated enterprise. The second problem is the counter-claims that are beginning to come to the liquidated legal entity.

Appointed in accordance with Part. 1 Art. 14 of the Law of Georgia “About Entrepreneurs”, the liquidators do not always have a legal education or sufficient experience for the implementation of such activities. In these cases comes to help our company, which is quickest and most professional LE liquidator in Tbilisi.

In strict accordance with the laws of Georgia, our specialists in a timely manner will conduct all the necessary liquidation measures, represent your interests in state, and, if necessary – in the judiciary authorities.

Providing a legal support for businesses in Georgia, the FChain company considers the maintenance of a high reputation among its customers as its main priority.

Conducting legal advisory business in Europe and the Middle East, we strive to adopt the best experience of working with these countries to apply this knowledge in practice in Georgia.

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