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Preparation and submission of tax reports - FCHAIN - Tbilisi

FCHAIN  – is an international company that has the ability to work with large organizations in both Europe and the Middle East. We have a large staff of professionals in the FCHAIN branches across several countries, so you can easily solve the problem from anywhere in the world just contacting us.

Using the help of FCHAIN, your company greatly save the budget by reducing the labor costs of the internal accountant, reducing office maintenance and office equipment, or the special licensed programs payment etc.

Professional accountancy in Tbilisi

In the fast changing world of modern business, the number of private companies and large organizations that prefer to transfer their accounting to outsourcers – a professional firms, specializing in providing full-cycle variety of services (including accounting), is growing rapidly.

Financial Chain Corporation, – a company which represents a team of certified professionals in the international network of consulting services and provides more than 20 kinds of outsourcing in finance, law and HR management, while remaining an independent legal unit.

We can join the workflow process at any stage, taking care of all the necessary functional responsibilities for the management and control of accounting.

FCHAIN works with both large companies and private entrepreneurs. Using an integrated accounting outsourcing in your company is quite beneficial. Our team of professional business-consultants has a great experience on any issues, related with construction of administrative and economic strategies of enterprises.

More than thirteen years we are engaged in accounting outsourcing, as evidenced by the experience of hundreds successfully completed projects and satisfied clients.

We offer a wide range of accounting services:

  1. Formulation and accounting maintenance. This service includes keeping all areas of work on economic and tax accounting, financial reporting, the development of the document flow scheme, submission of reports to the funds of social and pension insurance, or to the tax authorities and the personnel records. Our professionals will help you to develop an effective scheme of record keeping that will help to optimize the cost of accountancy.
  2. Recovery and systematization of accounting. If for any reason the state of your company’s accounting is in poor condition; the company has not passed the audit or some documentation was lost, – we will help to restore an order in the financial statements by applying the comprehensive measures for its recovery. These measures include: recovery and systematization of primary documents, preparation of correctional reports, preparation of reports for the past period, the analysis of accounting systems and HR analysis.

In addition, any customer gets a complete FCHAIN consulting and technical support at all stages of drafting accounting reports, so you do not have to worry about an unnecessary technical information and to control the process, – such an approach will save a lot of resources and time. Reliability – that, what our company is primarily provide to proprietor.


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