Customs clearing

The modern principles of FEA in Georgia

According to “Geostat” (Gruzstat) – the Georgian Statistics Service, the country’s foreign trade turnover in 2014 was 11 million 459 thousand dollars (5% increment compared to 2013). In January-October 2015 it decreased to 8 million 121 thousand dollars (14% reduction compared to the same period of 2014). For Georgia, which economy is among the 120 economies in the world, it is quite significant amounts. Today, the main foreign trade partners of Georgia are Turkey – 14%, Ukraine – 10.4%, Russian Federation – 9.8% of turnover etc. The share of CIS countries together of the foreign trade balance accounted for 36%.

Behind these figures are hiding numerous export-import operations, performed mainly involving players of medium and large business level. Customs legislation of all countries since ancient times was a particular branch of law. Professionals, working in the field of legal services, are highly specialized and usually are not engaged in other branches of law. The opposite is the situation with lawyers of wide profile. It is almost impossible to find a competent specialist among them, who can provide an effective assistance in obtaining customs documents. Considering the specifics of customs relations, juridical firms, which have the specialists in customs clearance, a priori, have an advantageous position among the similar providers.

FChain advantages

Consulting firm Financial Chain Corporation, along with a wide range of legal services, provided to its customers, is pleased to offer you the services of customs clearance of goods at the border of Georgia.

The need for the participation of a competent expert in the customs clearance of goods at border crossings can not be doubted. With this issue are particularly aware the large and medium-sized distributors and importers of commercial products, who faced difficulties at customs not once.

The company’s specialists FChain will assist in legal registration of foreign economic activity (FEA) for companies of Georgia.

Together with you, they will:

  • submit an online application form;
  • find a trusted and reliable supplier of products;
  • prepare an international contract project;
  • draft the attachments to the contract;
  • invoice and check on the payment for your payment order;
  • perform the full process of customs clearance;
  • draft and process the shipping documents.

Our experience in customs legislation

A special attention of FChain experts is paid to the foreign trade contracts and customs clearance of cargo, traveling across the Russian Federation. After the resumption of trade relations in 2013, it is still some tension between the countries at the political level, which significantly affects the passage of goods.

There also may be sudden or motivated denial of goods passage due to the non-compliance with phytosanitary or quarantine requirements, the inclusion of certain products in the sanctions lists and other unpleasant “surprises” that threaten by breakdown of the contract. Without knowledge of the intricacies of the Russian customs law in these situations can not do.

Even in the most difficult cases, our experts are ensure in professional clearance of customs declarations and cornets.

Long-term cooperation of our company with business partners from Europe and the Middle East – the key to obtaining invaluable experience in the foreign trade management.

The major players of international scale trust us and we appreciate it! Turning to the FChain company for assistance in the foreign economic activity, or in the customs clearance issues, you shall always get the most cordial attention and dedication of our employees in solving your questions!

Are you impressed by our offer?

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